My name is Alex Hanke, I am a designer and print maker in the field of illustration and graphic design. 
Some years ago I was born in the wild lands of east Germany. Early I discovered how to eat a yummy pencil and what to do with funny stuff like paper and walls. So I started working for different clients back in the early days of 1998, long before I moved out to Cologne and afterwards to the small city of Hildesheim to graduate in Corporate Design in 2008. In the same year I established the label “Zum Heimathafen” to separate my art driven mind from the day-to-day graphic design job. 
At the moment I’m working as a freelance artist and creating posters, shirts or flyers as well as Corporate Design and packaging solutions for clients arround the world. So feel free to drop me a line to get more information about the little empire.

Take care!

ASSORTED exhibitions


GIG POSTERS 11-12/2017 Solo Exhibition

@ Soultunes (Magdeburg/D)

FLATSTOCK Barcelona & Hamburg

INK & RIDE 08/2017
@Millerntor-Stadion Hamburg


@Urban Spree


FLATSTOCK Barcelona & Hamburg


@Lokomotiv Verkstedet (Copenhagen/DK)

GIG POSTERS 02-04/2016 Solo Exhibition

@ Burnout Records (Hamburg/D)


COLORED GIGS #7 09-10/2015 Poster Convention

(München, Leipzig, Dresden/D)

FLATSTOCK #52 09/2015 Poster Convention

@ Reeperbahn Festival (Hamburg/D)

FLATSTOCK #50 07/2015 Poster Convention

@ Pitchfork Music Festival (Chicago/USA)

POSTERS ROCK 07/2015 Groupshow

@ »Zanne« Festival (Catania/IT) 

FLATSTOCK #49 05/2015 Poster Convention

@ Primavera Sound (Barcelona/ES)


LeGigPoster? #2 11/2014 Poster Show

@ LeGuessWho? Festival (Utrecht/NL)

COLORED GIGS #6 09-10/2014 Poster Convention

(Leipzig, Dresden/D)

FLATSTOCK #47 09/2014 Poster Convention

@ Reeperbahn Festival (Hamburg/D)


FLATSTOCK #44 05/2014 Poster Convention


@ Primavera Sound (Barcelona/ES)

PULS Festival 11/2013 Groupshow

@ BR-Rundfunkhaus (München/D)

LE GIG POSTER? 11/2013 Groupshow

@ Le Guess Who? Festival (Utrecht/NL)

POSTERS ROCK 11/2013 Groupshow 

@ Casa dell Architettura (Rom/IT)

COLORED GIGS #5 11/2013 Poster Convention (Dresden/D)

FLATSTOCK #42 9/2013 Poster Convention

@ Reeperbahn Festival (Hamburg/D) 

FLATSTOCK #39 05/2013 Poster Convention

@ Primavera Sound (Barcelona/ES)


Romantik 2.0 06/2012 Groupshow

@ Altstadtkrankenhaus (Magdeburg/D)

Urbane Begegnungen mit Klassik 03/2012 Groupshow

@ Laeiszhalle (Hamburg/D)


Benutzeroberfläche Stadt 11/2011 Groupshow

@ Kunstmuseum Kloster u. l. F.  (Magdeburg/D)

Gruun gemaakt 08/2011 Groupshow

@ Noorderzon Festival (Groningen/NL)

Do It Green 05/2011 Groupshow @ LOKAL (Hamburg/D)

Woodblocks 10/2010-11/2010 Urbanpiraten

@ Blauer Bock (Magdeburg/D)

ART to SHOP 06/2010-07/2010 Urbanpiraten

@ Never Ending (Magdeburg/D)

We need no future 04/2010-06/2010 Soloshow

@ Augapfel (Magdeburg/D)

Art Fabriqué 08/2009-08/2009 Urbanpiraten

@ Noorderzon Festival (Groningen/NL)


Jobs and schools

01/2002 – 06/2002 espressivo / Internship

07/2002 – 06/2003 jacco – Werbung und Marketing / Internship

08/2003 – 07/2005 Köln International School of Design

08/2005 – 10/2005 SWM Magdeburg – Marketing / Internship

03/2006 – 08/2008 Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst Hildesheim / Bachelor of Arts

1998 – today Freelancer


Published Work

The DESIGN AND DESIGN Book of the year Vol. 1

(Index Books / ISBN: 8496309800)

The DESIGN AND DESIGN Book of the year Vol. 2

(Index Books / ISBN: 8492643412)

KOLK. Ausgabe 1 (Hunger Verlag)

Typoshirt One (Gingko Press / ISBN: 8492643552)

Fresh Box: Cutting Edge Illustrations (Daab / ISBN: 3942597071)



Music – playing (I used to play bass/guitar in different bands) / listening / concerts,

photography, travelling, looking


Record Label Confidence Records 2004-2007

Concert Group Cpt.Emo Networks 2005-2008

Urbanpiraten Collective 07/2008-today


Illustration Brand Zum Heimathafen 05/2008-today