Pencil Set
Pencils for explorers


The pencils for all explorers. If you are a hiker, astronaut or sailor there's a pencil for everyone. It's for all people that love to spend their time outdoors and still have a little bit space in their jacket. The mines are 2B (soft) and good for quick sketches and the last note when meeting with Doc Grizzly.

They go very well with the Wanderlust notebooks, so you can choose to get a set and safe some coins. Please leave a comment about which book you would like to have during check out.

♦ Pencil color: royal blue
♦ Mines: 2B
♦ Quotes printed in gold 
♦ Set of 3 pencils


Materials utilised:

pencils with 2B mines

Production method:

hot foil + screen print

Set of 3 pencils-2B mines+golden quotes
7,50 €
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