Notwist - Poster
The Notwist @ Gr. Freiheit 36 - gig poster


The poster is made for the "Notwist" show on the 14th of February  2017 at the Große Freiheit 36 in Hamburg.


The 4 color print is pulled by hand on off white paper in a studio in Hamburg. The paper is called “Extra Smooth" by Olin paper and is 250gsm strong, with a lovely soft finish, FSC certified.


Edition of 85 prints, all are signed & numbered and will be shipped nicely wrapped with a strong cardboard box. Standard edition is sold out. The artist proofs are very limited and printed on 300gsm slightly yellow paper.



approx. 400×600 mm 

approx. 15.7×23.6 inch

Materials utilised:

paper, ink


Notwist@Freiheit - gig poster – Size/Dimensions approx. 400×600 mm approx. 15.7×23.6 inch
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The idea behind the print is a clash of images but mainly based on a recent live recording The Notwist released, which is called „Supervillains & Ghost stuff“. The idea for that title is based on the book/TV-series called „The Sea Wolf“ by Jack London. Where one of  main characters is the antithesis to Nietzsches „Übermensch" or super-man. That picture of a super-man figure got stuck in my head and also that another part of the cast in the book runs ashore on a lost island. In the end the super-man character drifted more in a direction of an ape because of a track by The Notwist called „Kong“.


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