Lali Puna - Poster
Foo Fighters - Hamburg


The poster is made for the Foo Fighters show on the 10th of June 2018 at Trabrennbahn Bahrenfeld in Hamburg. It's a collaboration print with Lars P. Krause / Douze.


The 3 color print is pulled by hand on ivory coloured paper in a studio in Hamburg. The paper is called “Rainbow" by Papyrus paper and is 300gsm strong, FSC certified.


Foil Variant Edition limited to 60 copies.

Regular edition of 500 prints, all are signed & numbered and will be shipped nicely wrapped with a strong cardboard box. International orders get an extra tube for more sturdiness.



approx. 400×600 mm 

approx. 15.7×23.6 inch

Materials utilised:

paper, ink


Foo Fighters - gig poster – Size/Dimensions approx. 400×600 mm approx. 15.7×23.6 inch
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