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Earth Dog - Art Print


The print is based on the Chinese new year of 2018, it stands in the star sign of the dog, in combination with the earth. This correlation evoked one of my earliest childhood memories, the story of the dog Laika which was shot into space in 1957. As a child I imagined a heroic dog in her little space suit, that is entering the space ship to report about the cosmos to mankind. A wonderful picture how humans and animals work together.


It’s a 3 colour print, pulled by hand in a studio in Hamburg on 300gsm smooth paper from Metapaper, FSC certified.


Open edition, all are signed & dated and will be shipped inside silk paper in a strong cardboard box. 




approx. 180×240 mm 

approx. 7×9.5 inch


Materials utilised:

paper, ink


Earth Dog 18x24 - Materials utilised: paper, ink - Production method: screen printing - Size/Dimensions: 180×240 mm
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